Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a passionate entrepreneur, transitioned to sales manager, who is keen on the fields of car washing chemistry, automotive and marine reconditioning, workshop and industrial cleaning chemicals and water treatment.
His extensive background and overall love of cars began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he was just 14 years old. His father was successful in the automotive industry running a mobile tech. company, so he immediately became accustomed to a white-collar mindset with a blue-collar work ethic.
Keeping his family's cars clean, working part time after school for a local detailing shop, and playing sports was how Jason kept busy through the remainder of his teenage years.
Jason began working for a local Pittsburgh car wash chain after graduating high school in 2000. He was hired as a detailer, but quickly started turning heads with the owners to how he was almost a natural in managing the daily operations of the shop.
While studying Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh and Computer Programming at ITT Technical Institute, Jason continued working hard and moving up the management ladder at the carwash until he was offered the official position of Operations Manager in his mid 20's.
That position put Jason into the driver seat to assist the owners to build, purchase, and scale a carwash and detail brand that is still actively growing today.
At 31, Jason started his own journey to building and scaling a company of his own. He founded Pittsburgh Pro Car Care in 2013. 
After 2 years of mobile detailing and growing the company to its first brick and mortar location in 2015, Pro Car Care quickly became the name you can trust in Pittsburgh for a laundry list of high-quality auto and marine reconditioning and paint protection services. Jason sold the company in 2020 to his operations manager and friend, who is still actively growing the brand today. 
Jason was an Accredited Coating Installer for Gtechniq North America, at his detail company which led him to meeting Andrew Werkheiser(our CEO). Their passion for the industry, talks of the future, and what Jason ultimately was looking to accomplish next out of this lifelong automotive career, led to him getting a formal offer from Andrew for one of the first Regional Sales positions in the USA upon the launch of Koch-Chemie USA in 2020.
Currently, Jason is the National Sales Director at Koch-Chemie USA. His unrivaled but humble work ethic, team-building abilities, and sales processes have been one of the absolute backbones of this rapidly growing company.
Jason is a proud member of the International Detailing Association (IDA) He is CD-SV, which is a Professional Designation of Certified Detailer - Skills Validated in the IDA.
Jason still lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa with his wife Renee and 2 sons Cooper and Casey.
His hobbies include traveling, hunting, fishing, and camping, but usually spends most of his spare time with his kids.