Pro Sample Kit

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The perfect kit for the professional looking to implement a more effective, more efficient, and expert line into their business. 

Polishing Matrix Card

H9.01 Heavy Cut 

F6.01 Fine Cut

M3.02 Micro Cut

P3.01 Micro Cut & Finish 

P6.01 One Cut & Finish 

Red Pad 5-Inch

Yellow Pad 5-Inch

Purple Pad 5-Inch

Purple Pad 5-Inch

Orange Pad 5-Inch

Finish Spray Exterior 

Quick and Shine

S0.02 Spray Sealant 

Pol Star  (Not Currently Included!)****

Magic Wheel Cleaner

Gentle Snow Foam


Clay Spray

All Around Surface Cleaner

Fresh Up

Leather Star


Spray Bottle